Sylvain Dubrofsky

Game Designer and VR Developer

Publications And Presentations

Article for Gamasutra about reward feedback

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Article for with lessons learned

Other Level Work

In my spare time I often work on levels for released games for fun. Here are pictures from a couple of them.

Team Fortress 2 CTF Level (Codename "Bubbles")

This is a symmetrical capture the flag level that I built with my friend Mars. The design is mostly complete and the level is really fun. Someday I hope to finish arting the level up.

Counter-Strike: Source Level (Codename "Campus")

This near complete design for a hostage rescue map set in an adult education center (admittedly a controversial location). The design is complete and has some really fun routes and combat opportunities. It features a large section built on a 45 degree grid which is a nice challenge in Hammer :)